Please comply or you will be asked to leave.  You fully agree to these rules by reserving your space, no exceptions.

"Goss Drive Camping" will not be held responsible for any loss or stolen articles, loss or damage to personal property or personal injury, from any cause, whatsoever!  RV and vehicles must be legally insured against damage/loss.  

Dial 911 immediately to report a fire, personal injury requiring an ambulatory response, or other emergency requiring EMS, and notify the folks at Goss Drive Camping immediately.

Firearms remain within your personal vehicle or RV at all times or you will be asked to leave.  Please notify GDC if you feel threatened or other emergencies.

Explosives, firecrackers, fireworks,  and any device that are deemed as potential fire hazards are prohibited.

Please report any safety hazard, personal threat, altercation, or another harmful element immediately to allow us a chance to mediate a resolution.

Enclosed, elevated, fire pits are required for fires.  DO NOT BURN THE GRASS! Please do not burn wood containing hardware, pallets for example.   

Park RV and passenger vehicles in your designated space.  It is your responsibility to prevent motorist from parking in front of your space.

No Soliciting!

Sites must be kept neat and orderly.  All garbage, bottles, cans, broken glass, cigarette butts, bottle caps, discarded food, etc, must be picked up and placed in a plastic bag, then placed in the dumpster leaving your site clean.  

Please utilize portable toilets or appropriate facilities.  You may obtain a personal portable toilet from an approved vendor.

Water is provided as a convenience for one and all to refill tanks or for tent camping.  Do not permanently connect to the water source.

Please Respect your neighbor.  


Quiet hours begin at MIDNIGHT or one hour after the evening race completion until 7 AM.  This includes loud generators, vehicle engines, music, and blinding lights.  Respect your neighbor and continue to enjoy yourself and celebrate in a manner that everyone can enjoy the race weekend.

Do not block drives or roads ensuring ingress and digress of visitors and EMS.

Golf carts, 4-wheel At's, motorcycles, unlicensed, uninsured, unregistered, non-permitted, vehicles are prohibited.  

NO TRESPASSING.  Only paid guest and visitors of the guest are allowable.

Each campsite is restricted to the use of one camping rig or tent occupied by the same group and one vehicle unless prior approval is obtained from Goss Drive Camping.  

Additional vehicle parking permit can be obtained for a fee.

Only self-contained RV(s) are allowed to camp in the reserved section.  Non-self contained camping rigs such as a Tent or pop-up are welcome to camp in the “General” section.


The speed limit is “Dead Slow”.

Pets must be kept on a leash and must be attended to at all times when outside.  Please clean up after your pet.

Defacing, cutting down, driving nails into, or attaching objects to trees, shrubs, or light posts are prohibited.  Please do not cut live trees or limbs.

Registered occupants are responsible for the actions and safety of their children and their guest.

The Georgia State Health Department forbids draining fluids including wash water, grey, and black holding tanks, at campsite areas.  Please use appropriate dump stations/service for this purpose.

Generator/engine emissions are deadly and you must direct noxious fumes away from you and your neighbor’s space.

You must enjoy the weekend!


Rules are necessary when managing a large group of folks to ensure everyone enjoys a great weekend.  We hope you agree and ask you to respect your neighbor.

Copyright © Goss Drive Camping. All rights reserved.  

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