Thursday, Prior to the race, until Monday, following the race - 11 A.M., all sites are $105 regardless of your arrival or departure date and time and includes one RV or tent and one vehicle. Your welcome to arrive Thursday prior to the race through Monday morning (four nights, five days).


Additional vehicles are $5 each and should be registered and display a parking permit.  Permits can be purchased upon arrival and prior reservations are not required.


There are limited sites providing power and you should call us prior to reserving to ensure availability.  Power is an additional $50 fee.


For Major Event Weekends, we provide water to top off your holding tanks (cannot permanently attach to the water supply) porta-potties, a dumpster for your trash (please place your trash in the dumpster), and WIFI if you are in range.

If you would like to visit us any night outside major events the fee is $22 per night and includes water, electric, and trash. Please call prior to making reservations.


Please call us at 770-833-1547 or email us or for questions or additional assistance.

Reserve your space to ensure you have a great place to camp.  We accept reservations a year in advance providing you an opportunity to reserve your favorite site.

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